Re: [NTLK] Re[2]: Convincing argument against MS

From: Thomas Cherry (
Date: Mon Jun 10 2002 - 14:54:36 EDT

So in your opinion, people who work for a corporation only care about making
money? Now, I know in most corporation, the chairman of the board has one
goal, make money for the shareholders, but this does not always mean that
this is the same goal for the CEO. To keep his/her job and company afloat
the CEO must make sure that money keeps coming in to keep the chairman (and
CFO) happy, but he/she may have other goals, like build a cool product.

on 06/10/2002 2:43 PM, Bradford Schmidt at wrote:

>> For example, your personal physician wants
>> to make money doing his job. But his main goal is healing people. Etc.
>> Microsoft is solely focused on what it can do to maximize profits.
> Microsoft has a duty to its stockholders to do EXACTLY that. My
> personal physician is not a public corporation.

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