Re: [NTLK] WEPPackage installations

From: Laurent Daudelin (
Date: Tue Jun 11 2002 - 08:25:38 EDT

on 11/06/02 03:53, Jesse Garnier at wrote:

> WEP is working successfully for me using an AirPort base station. I entered
> the key code as hexadecimal with uppercase letters.
> The only thing not working for me is large package installations. As with
> previous versions, large package installations consistently fail after, oh,
> say, 100k or so. Backups -- presumably larger than 100k -- seem to go just
> fine.
> I've e-mailed the author about the WEP success and the failed package
> installations.

I've been able to surf the internet so far, but unable to achieve any
connection with NCU. Just to make sure that NCU wasn't acting up, I did
remove my ORiNOCO card and put back my Farallon. On the first attempt, I
connected easily to NCU. Pulled back the Farallon, put back the ORiNOCO. No
connection. This is with a new worksite set to use it. So, it works and all,
but not for NCU (and yes "use this card for AppleTalk" is checked).

BTW, another odd thing. When I entered my network name, "Daudelin's
Network", and closed the setup slip, I've got an error saying that my WEP
key was too long. I didn't enter anything for the WEP key, since I haven't
paid yet. I reopened the setup and my network name was also now my WEP key.
Did anybody notice that? Is the network name the same as the WEP key??? Or
am I missing something?


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