[NTLK] Wireless mystery continues

From: Steven Frank (stevenf_at_panic.com)
Date: Tue Jun 11 2002 - 13:46:15 EDT

First a few words about my configuration.

Base Station: Airport Base Station v2 (white)
Wireless Clients: My Newton (hopefully), my PowerBook, and a Sharp Zaurus

I have both the PowerBook & Zaurus connecting with 128 bit WEP. I was
trying to do the same with my Newton until someone (thank you!) pointed
out to me that the Silver card I have is only capable of 40 bit WEP.

I thought for sure that must be the reason it can't connect, so I
switched the base station to 40 bit, updated the hex WEP keys (network
equivalent password) on all the client devices. The Newton still could
not connect. BUT suddenly neither could the Zaurus! It would see the
network briefly (got the SSID (Base station name)) and then the link LED
would go out. Even while the link was up, it was not able to do any DNS
resolution. Only the PowerBook continued to work as expected. I tried
several times to make the Zaurus or the Newton work at 40 bit,
rebooting, etc, with the same results.

When I switched back to 128 bit WEP, everything works as normal again,
except of course the Newton.

So, that's really strange. :/ It seems like the problem is my _base
station_ doesn't work completely in 40 bit mode...? Does this sound
familiar to anyone? It's not making much sense to me. I triple-checked
that I had the right WEP key...


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