[NTLK] Wave LAN driver working perfectly

From: Darius Zendeh (newton_at_dariuszendeh.de)
Date: Tue Jun 11 2002 - 13:01:20 EDT

Hello List!

I just wanted to let you know, how amazing and unbelievable this driver is.

-- My hardware-configuration --

Apple Airport Basestation (V1 graphite). Network-name: airdaze,
channel: 11
WEP enabled (40 bits key data length).

Apple Newton MP2100 (US), Lucent WaveLan Silver (Rev A).

-- NIE --
Internet Setup is configured to use DHCP.

-- WaveLan-configuration --
I checked "Use card for AppleTalk"

Mode: ad-hoc (I think there is a little bug in the driver, because when leaving and then restarting the configuration the mode switches back to Infrastructure, but I am able to change the channel. If I explicitly choose Infrastructure, the channel cannot be altered.)
Channel: 11
Wep Key: hexadecim
use Wep: checked
In the field below WEP Key I typed in the alternate key delivered by my Airport Basestation.
In Advanced Settings I checked the power management.

That's it!

Note: WEP-connection is possible (only using the hex value delivered by your Airport Basestation).

I managed to connect to the internet. Both manual IP-settings and DHCP work perfectly.

Connecting to NCU running in Classic mode under OSX via AppleTalk (EtherTalk), installing small or big packages (e.g. big books and MP3 files) and backing up both the internal and the external 32MB (about 20MB full) memory is absolutely no problem, regardless of WEP enabled or disabled.

I want to thank Noguchi Hiroshi for programming this great driver and for his support of the Newton community. If you have a Wireless card, register your copy of the driver. It is absolutely woth it, and US$ 10,00 really isn't that much.

Regards, Darius.
crackman.dyndns.org (powered by MP2100)
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