Re: [NTLK] NTLK: CNET Article on Handspring

From: Jack Skoda (
Date: Tue Jun 11 2002 - 14:53:55 EDT

>>> From a June 10, 2002 article:
>> NEW YORK--Handspring believes the future of handheld devices will be
>> typed, not written.

Handspring is the reason I'm back on the Newton. I hung up my MP2100
for a Visor Prism. The killer app, I thought, would be VisorPhone
and better synchronization. Visorphone coverage is horrible in New England
(especially Vermont) and synchronization was nice until I switched
to OS X and Handspring has yet to produce a OS X compatible Desktop.
They swear it's coming soon... So I was sitting in my office one
day copying (and correcting) appointments from Entourage into the Prism
and wondering why not go back to Newton and here I am. The only
thing I can't do is store color photos of my kids. Oh well I guess that's
what that plastic thing in my wallet is for...

I've a nice dusty spot on my shelf for the Visor come July (when my
phone contract is up) and many unkind words for Handspring. I just
fiddled with a Treo at OfficeMax and it's horrible! The keys are too
small, the screen is tiny and the flip top does nothing but get in
the way. I bet the wireless coverage is just as bad a Visorphone.

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