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Date: Tue Jun 11 2002 - 16:30:52 EDT

On 2002-06-11 06:14, "Laurent Daudelin" <> wrote:

> on 10/06/02 23:27, Michael Mays at wrote:


>> The laptop I get must be able to connect to my Newton. Though I don't have=
>> much trouble getting it to work properly with Windows 2000, my computer is=
>> way too fast to use the backup feature and I don't really want to eat up=
>> space on my flash cards.
>> It also must have excellent battery life and a spacious hard drive. For= that
>> reason, I was considering a 700MHz iBook or a 667 G4 Powerbook. I've= been
>> wanting to try OSX for a while, and I see this as my chance. But= what
>> benefits would a Powerbook give me over an iBook (besides the obvious= more
>> spiffy appearance and faster processor)?
> I would go for the G4 PowerBook. Like you said, faster speed, faster bus (I
> think 100 MHz versus 66 MHz for the iBook),
TiBook: 133 MHz Ibook: 100 MHz

> better resolution on a larger screen (15.2" versus 14" for the most expensive
> iBook, 12" on the other less expensive iBook),
The PowerBook has a 1280x854 screen, both iBooks are 1024x768. I'd recommend
the 12" iBook over the 14" model, unless you have very poor eyesight. All
the 14" iBook adds is bulk, weight and a little extra battery life.

> G4 processor, so that OS X can use Altivec to speed up things, more RAM (I
> think 1 GB versus 768 MB on the iBook, but don't quote me on this),
1 GB RAM for the TiBook, 640 MB for the iBook.

> ATI Radeon Mobility card (or maybe even an NVidia GEForce2MX) versus Rage128
> Mobility (in the iBook, I think),
Mobility Radeon 7500 w/ 32 MB in the TiBook, Mobility Radeon w/ 16 MB in the
iBook. Both are ready for Quartz Extreme (2D hardware accelleration in OS X

> titanium casing versus plastic casing, etc.
And the plastic casing is much more rugged than the Ti casing.

In short, for extreme portability and ruggedness, go with an iBook. For a
speed demon desktop replacement, go for a TiBook.


Joost van de Griek

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