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From: Ed Kummel (
Date: Wed Jun 12 2002 - 01:55:00 EDT

Sorry about that...I thought that the chances of
someone hitting my site at midnight were minimal...I
picked that time to do some hard drive swaps...
The server is up and running now...give it a try:

The crystal is an order part through National Parts. I
would suggest that you call a Radio Shack in the
states first. Tell them you want to order a part from
National Parts and give them the part number for the
crystal (900-5103)
Then give them your credit card number and ask them to
hold it till you pick it up. That would probably be
the best way...depending on the Radio Shack and how
helpful they want to be.
web/gadget guru
come and see my Newt on the web (well, mostly) at:

--- "Bernie A. Goltermann" <>
> >Now, you're a veteran in opening and fooling around
> >with the guts of the newton...So, your next step is
> >speed up that bad-boy!
> >Ed
> >web/gadget guru
> >
> After looking at your site on how to speed it up
> that's what I plan on.
> :-) The crystal you bought at Radio Shack right?
> Didn't you mention
> that it had to be ordered? I just tried to get to
> your sight again but
> couldn't reach it. I'm traveling to the states in a
> few weeks and want
> to pick up the stuff I need there. I some possible
> sources here in
> Saudi but I'd rather get the stuff I need in the US.
> Bernie

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