[NTLK] Miscellaneous (interesting?) Questions

From: Backstage (webmaster_at_backstage.de)
Date: Wed Jun 12 2002 - 03:07:31 EDT

Hi all,

some questions I have sitting around here for a while and didn't find an
answer on the web, in the archive or the faq (if I didn't miss anything):

Is there a way (software, resource editor), so that the field "card style"
in names is not visible? I have names always showing "all info" and "card
style" is just an unnecessary, disturbing field. (I also would like to get
rid of the parenthesis for the notes field, but I guess that is asking to

Is there an utility, which adds to the owner info the same functionality
like "NamesHack" (or in some way "WideCardFile") to names? "NamesHack"
expands the view of names to the whole MP2X00 screen. I have several mail
accounts and that little card style view of owner info is just to small.

As far as I can remember, there is a page with a lot / most / all ROM cards
that were produced for the Newton. Anyone got the URL?

To clean up marks made by a ball-point pen on the screen, I would like to
use pure alcohol (For the SCREEN!, if I would drink it I probably won't see
the marks anyway :-). Can that damage the screen surface?

Is there a utility which limits the search to "from now on" or "within one
year" or "just this year"? I assume some time in the future when having
entries in dates for several years it will be disturbing to find a bunch of
old, outdated entries next to the one I am looking for.

Is there a stationary for notes with lines for musical notation? I remember
seeing one but it only had two lines.

After I made a backup to a card I had a look at the size of the backup on
the card. It was too small since I had been experimenting with a recording
in notes. The Newton is set to store everything internally - I had just
changed it for the recording because I knew it would be quite large. So what
I found out was, that this one recording note wasn't in the backup!!! So
does a backup include only internally saved items? The same is for the mp3
audio soup on a card: It even does not appear in the backup slip (haven't
tried to save audio data internally, maybe that would work).

Is it a useful (long lasting) trick on a Newton with the so called jaggies
(where does that word come from?) to do the following: Go to pen alignment
and tap exactly that amount of offset it got the other way? I have tried
that (I usually have to tap a bit lower so I adjusted the pen just the bit
higher) and the result was a normal working Newton. Does that last for some
time? Or - taking in account all the different appearances of the jaggies -
will that help only for a short time?

Last question is about the connection to the internet: Is there a way to
tell the Newton to connect to the net without doing something that requires
an internet connection (i.e. tapping get new mail) which causes the connect
slip to appear? Let's say, for example, if I would just like to get the
correct time with NetTime (it has a SyncNow button but that does not cause
the slip to come up -> wrong programming?).
And of course the other way round: Sometimes the Newton does not show the
notify icon "disconnect". So the only way is to switch it off - causing the
question if I would like to be disconnected. It's no big deal, I just have
the impression I am overlooking something.

Thanks for any help,

P.S.: Is there a German NIE 2.0? What is the InertPatch at Unna good for?

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