[NTLK] Bricks + ToothChart

From: Backstage (webmaster_at_backstage.de)
Date: Wed Jun 12 2002 - 03:07:31 EDT

After having seen the discussion about good Newton games, I have been
looking all over the net for a full version of the game Bricks2. I have the
demo version and would like to get the full version - but since Hexdump
isn't there any more, I am out of luck. Searching the archives and the net
for it didn't lead to any result either. Is there anyone on this list who
has Bricks 2 Full version at all and can help me?

The other one is ToothChart. Has anyone this software or some more info on
it? It was a product of Dreamscape:


And is mentioned a few times:


The page in webarchiveorg is missing the pictures :-(

This one is just for the interest - someone mentioned a short while back a
software, where dentists could click on a specific tooth and enter infos.
That's what made me look which software that could have been.


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