Re: [NTLK] Brain Surgery

From: Bernie A. Goltermann (
Date: Wed Jun 12 2002 - 07:24:32 EDT

Joel wrote:

>I decided to remove the screen to check
>it out mechanically. Apart from some slight contamination under the edges of
>the screen bezel,
Well that saved me from looking into it...

>there was nothing detectable wrong with it. This machine
>has no jaggies or any other display defect.
Same here...

>Might it be possible to write a package that captured a lot of data points
>from the screen and then provided some new settings to the inker to
>compensate for these non-linearities?
Well it sounds reasonable. Some kind of software that would compensate
for the non-linearities.

Does your Newt have this problem in the same location as mine? Located
in about the first 3/4 inch along the bottom left side and up about a
1/2 inch. It gets better immediately outside this area.


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