Re: [NTLK] Brain Surgery

From: John Charlton (
Date: Wed Jun 12 2002 - 11:52:24 EDT

OK, that's three of us with Mike's Newts who have problems with alignment.

I'm confused as to how the screen alignment routine doesn't compensate for
any lack of "linearity". One would think that at least near the lower
right-hand corner it would be in sync again. On my unit, all along the
bottom the lines drawn are 3-5mm below where the pen touches, getting
better as you move up the screen. Sue makes it difficult to use the
on-screen keyboard.

I've got mine apart (for $70 wanted to play) and can't really see how this
could happen, except in the software? Anyone know how the alignment routine
does its thing? Does anyone know if the alignment is even tweakable in


P.S. Sorry about the quoting, running in digest mode and using 'Mail'. Not
the best for that.


>There's a problem with the pen tracking near the bottom left of the screen
>in general it runs great.

I also bought a 2100 from Mike and it was exactly as described - well used
but fully operational.

It also has this tracking error and I decided to remove the screen to check
it out mechanically. Apart from some slight contamination under the edges
the screen bezel, there was nothing detectable wrong with it. This machine
has no jaggies or any other display defect.

I'm wondering if the resistive sensor is becoming non-linear (due perhaps
ageing of the edge contacts and adhesive) or if the electronics are slipping
out of linearity (less likely).

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