[NTLK] Brain Surgery

From: Bernie A. Goltermann (bagoltermann_at_ksaits.com)
Date: Tue Jun 11 2002 - 16:27:32 EDT

Well folks I just got done doing "brain surgery" on two Newts. It was a
long 2 hour procedure and the outcome was a total success. So much so
that it seems that I miraculously revived the Newt that I was trying to

Some on you might remember me from my posts for help because the upper
PC card slot stopped working on my Newt. It gave me the blues and some
of us sang the blues...;-)

So came the recommendation to buy a Newt on the cheap and use it to
either replace the broke one or for parts. In my case, I bought one from
Mike at : http://www.marketresearchsource.com/newtsell.htm He's a nice
guy and I got what I paid for. His description was accurate but until
you see a Newt that's been heavily used you have to experience it to
believe it. I got a 12 Meg PC card a brand new power adapter and the
battery charged up fine. No pen though :-( The screens in pretty good
shape but the backlight is not as bright as mine. There's a problem with
the pen tracking near the bottom left of the screen but in general it
runs great. I moved my 20 meg PC card with backup into it and restored
all my apps, notes...

So I though well I'll give it a shot and swap motherboards. After I got
the back off my newly acquired Newt and started to take screws out I
began to think that it's going to be hard to remember witch screw goes
where so I gently laid the Newt on my scanner and printed a color
picture of the motherboard. I then taped the screws to the print out in
the places I took them out so each screw could go back in the same hole
it came from.

Did the same thing to my old Newt, just taped the screws next to the
others. No confusion putting all back together and I put a battery in
before I put the back of the case on. They bout fired up without any
problems. The newly acquired Newt with my old motherboard still had the
issue with tracking in the lower left corner and my old Newt with the
new motherboard work just like I remember it. I was happy :-) Just to
check to make sure everything was working, I tried all the PC card slots
on both Newts and low and behold they all worked. I was amazed that the
PC card slot that had failed all attempts to get working was working
again. Could it be that by disconnecting all the cable connections to
the motherboard that somehow the state of some component was changed?
Someone else said that they had a Newt with one of their PC card slots
not working and I was wondering if they should give this a try? Could be
it starts working again.

Anyway, looks like I have a second Newt to run as a server! Saw your
sight Ed and was impressed!

Thanks to you all for keeping this valuable information source running.


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