Re: [NTLK] Brain Surgery

From: Joel M. Sciamma (
Date: Thu Jun 13 2002 - 18:42:25 EDT


> I can duplicate your line curve on mine. I see two very small shiny
> marks about an 1/8 up from the bottom of the screen and starting from
> the right hand side about 3/8 and another 1/2 from that one toward the left.


> So I tend to think Gary is on the right track about the frame pressing
> on the lower left corner.

Well, I scraped all around the bezel to remove any accumulation of dirt and
took a little plastic with it but perhaps not enough. I'll try again in a
few days.

Interestingly, I always hold my Newts across the width from below to cradle
them which I find more stable so never apply any pressure to the upper

> I've been courageous enough to swap logic boards between Newts but
> haven't gone "down" to the screen layer yet. Any one got any insight or
> can point me were I can get some more info about taking it apart that far.

Actually if you have gone that far, removing the screen is very easy.

Undo the 3 gold screws across the top of the screen and the 2 tiny
countersunk ones in the battery bay and that's it. The plastic clip that
holds the motherboard in also traps the screen assembly, which comes out as
a rigid unit.

Remember to put the port cover back in before replacing the screen!

Let us know how you get on.


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