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From: Lou Forlini (
Date: Wed Jun 12 2002 - 10:16:53 EDT

At 3:09 PM +0200 6/12/02, Jon Glass wrote:
>Do you mean.... that someone in the US is actually...... paying.....
>attention to the World Cup????!!!!!!!!! Unbelievable!! Rich, you must be the
>first and only!!!


    Well there's actually 2 of us, but unfortunately since I don't
have cable or satellite I only get to see the 1 or 2 games each
weekend that the broadcast networks run when there's nothing else to
show :(

    Actually, I'm a little surprised that soccer does so poorly in the
TV ratings, since so many kids play in junior leagues here. I think
the networks have a conspiracy against soccer anyway, because they
can't have any commercial breaks until halftime.


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