[NTLK] trying to connect to internet...

From: T. (midgard_at_dragon.org)
Date: Wed Jun 12 2002 - 11:21:57 EDT

Hi all,
I am trying to get my little eMate to surf the web, do the email
thing, etc. I installed the newest OS for it, installed all the NIE
2.0 components, etc. I configured my internet setup as Mac IP Server
Manual, and assigned it the IP address that my firewall is passing to
it. But that is the problem. The eMate wasnts to find a Mac IP
Server. I don't know that I have one. Do I? My firewall does DHCP &
ANAT, but not Mac IP Server. So, how do I tell this cutey to see the
DHCP server as it complains of failure due to DNS error? I am trying
to do this over LocalTalk as I cannot find my ethernet dongle that
plugs into my 3Com card. Lost it a few years ago & it is lonely
wanting its cable/dongle-thing.

I have also been unable to connect to any FTP sites. I even tried to
connect it to my own machines behind the firewall to no avail. But,
before you assume it is a cable issue... I can connect to the
Classroom Dock as well as up/download back-up. So the cabling is not
at issue. The firewall is not at issue as I have used these same
settings on my desktop computers. So I give up... time for the
obvious answers to come - the ones I never thought of!

Your assistance is welcome.


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