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Doesn't anybody read these emails in context to the thread??? Or do we
just pull out a sentence and blast away?

The thread was (about 100 messages ago) that MS was ONLY about money,
unlike Apple which was about cool new products and helping people.
The point I tried to make carefully.....


Cool products? Gone if they don't sell. Do you think Apple has changes
leadership so many times because the leaders did make enough "Cool"
products and "try to help people"??? NO...they got booted because SALES

Even Apple must by (at times) be "anti-customer driven" if it must boost
sales (they do this by changing direction and dropping
all other companies). Sales is the #1 driver of business - cool
products or not.

The End.


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>What's it called when Apple charges TOP dollar for their products
>and then drops them like hot potatoes?...I've got 3 older mac$ and
>one mac clone...none can run O$X...

So you bought a clone in order to run OS X? Only a clairvoyant can
help you. Every Apple computer I have ever bought still runs exactly
the software I bought it to run. What's more they run a lot of newer
software too including flavours of GNU/Linux. Newton is a great
example of how a well-designed product can deliver years of reliable
use beyond the customer's expectations. My MessagePads and other
apple computers are some of the best value products I have ever
bought in terms of how long and with how little maintenance they
continue to perform the tasks they were bought to do. The fact that
my own computing requirements and expectations have expanded
dramatically does not mean that the equipment I have bought along the
way was a rip off. I am sure you can understand that Apple can't
promise to make each Mac compatible with all future system software.
And don't forget that Apple does have an exemplary record on
backwards compatibility. It's amazing how many 1985 applications work
in OS 9 and X. The unusually long real working life of Apple
computers is one of the things that makes them such a good investment
for end users and businesses. I personally am quite happy working on
one of my G1 PowerMacs in OS 9 even though I prefer my G4's.

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