Re: [NTLK] Convincing argument against MS

From: Thomas Cherry (
Date: Wed Jun 12 2002 - 15:35:21 EDT

Look, we know that all companies must make money to stay in business and we
know that they know that, but some companies have other goals as well (more
than one goal is what we are saying). In fact, every company Microsoft has
screws had a non-money goal that Microsoft was able to exploit. Microsoft
has one goal for which it has so far achieved almost un-checked. They don't
care about the people they serve. They only care about money. Many
companies do care. Many companies want to find a way to produce a product
they can be proud of and at the same time make money. Companies with two
goals sometimes have to make compromises like killing projects that don't
make money, on the other hand, they may fund projects that are very unlikely
to bring money in. Take Sun. They don't make a dime off of Java. It helps
them sure. They like it. They provide a service free of charge to people
and in the long run they hope it will indirectly bring some money in but
they do not change for it. In fact, the nature of java is such that you
don't ever have to use sun's products to use Java. You can even get jdks
from IBM. Java is a gift to the world by Sun.

on 06/12/2002 3:06 PM, Steven at wrote:

> Doesn't anybody read these emails in context to the thread??? Or do we
> just pull out a sentence and blast away?
> The thread was (about 100 messages ago) that MS was ONLY about money,
> unlike Apple which was about cool new products and helping people.
> The point I tried to make carefully.....
> Cool products? Gone if they don't sell. Do you think Apple has changes
> leadership so many times because the leaders did make enough "Cool"
> products and "try to help people"??? NO...they got booted because SALES
> Even Apple must by (at times) be "anti-customer driven" if it must boost
> sales (they do this by changing direction and dropping
> all other companies). Sales is the #1 driver of business - cool
> products or not.
> The End.
> Steven

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