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From: Daniel Joannidi (
Date: Wed Jun 12 2002 - 16:53:57 EDT

You realize if there is AppleCare on the PowerBook and you have verified
the issue follows the battery, not the powerbook, then you won't loose
the pBook for 1-2 weeks.

In fact, usually when you call in with a suspected battery issue, they
will ask whether it's an issue with the powerbook or the battery.

So long as you have a second battery, or can 'verify' the issue is only
with the battery, then they can perform a CIP/Advanced Replacement.
You give them a credit card to ensure return of the original battery,
they send out a brand spanking new one. After you receive the new
battery, you have usually 15 days or so to send back the original
(shipping paid by apple.) So long as you send it back immediately (the
original battery that is) there never any charge to your cc.

Now, if it's a problem with the computer, then try reseting the PMU with
both Battery and AC
Adapter removed from the system.

Also check kbase <> for an article on
"Battery Reset 2.0"
This article is usually for system sthat run the battery flat, and don't
recognize if the drained battery is in the system. Intended for
PowerBook G3 Series (Bronze Keyboard) and iBooks - I don't think it
really applies.

On Monday, June 10, 2002, at 09:26 PM, Philip Lord wrote:

> Apple has a battery reonditioning software that you
> should run.
> I'm not sure if it works on your Pismo G3 powerbook
> though. It might just be for the wallstreet models, I
> can't remember.
> Phil
> --- wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I have a FireWire G3 PowerBook that has quite an
>> interesting problem
>> with the battery. The battery runs normally for
>> about 2/3 of the way,
>> but then when it reaches ~33%, *bang* it's at 0%. (I
>> also get only
>> about 25 minutes of run time from this battery -_-)
>> Does anybody know
>> why this is happening? (I have AppleCare for the
>> thing, but the loss
>> of my laptop for ~1-2 weeks ... *sob* .. i wonder if
>> it's something
>> I can fix) The battery is a Li-Ion Apple Standard
>> Battery (bet you
>> thought is was a NiMH battery ^_^). It might have
>> something to do
>> with the fact that my brother dropped the 'book a
>> while back.
>> Is there a fix for this ? (Or should I just slap my
>> brother and send
>> it in to Apple...)
>> Oh, BTW, Linux *rocks* on this thing. I find myself
>> preferring it
>> over MacOS in most cases (better DivX performance,
>> DVD playing works
>> (in a Mac laptop =O), POSIX compliance, etc... (it's
>> also a custom
>> build system, so it starts up in 20 seconds ... I
>> wait for the
>> operating system that starts that fast to be this
>> usable))
>> Ideas?
>> Andrew Patrikalakis
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