[NTLK] Re[2]: Re[2]: Convincing argument against MS

From: richard_at_cyberphotographer.com
Date: Wed Jun 12 2002 - 17:05:39 EDT

>The point is that they dumped on 4-6 million users by not enabling
>hardware acceleration under X - and then changed their tune only
>when a lot of noise was made...Point is, business is business...

Did you notice the speed increase from OS X 10.0 to 10.1? Notice how
they didn't ship the OS with CD/DVD authoring? I had the latest
Superdrive G4 and 10.0 couldn't use its authoring capabilities. There
are countless other examples of things that didn't ship in the
original release and aren't yet fixed. Completion time for software
projects is notoriously difficult to predict. Apple is making huge
progress on X and apparently have 1000 programmers working on it full
time. Despite the incomplete feature list, OS X is showing serious
promise. All the signs are that Apple is working very very hard to
give Mac users the best OS it can. I am sure Apple would love it to
support Colour Classics if they could, but there are limits. The
truth is that if you make compelling products (as Apple always has)
it is not necessary to build obsolescence into software since
hardware accelerates so rapidly year after year. It is easy to dream
up conspiracy theories. It is much harder to engineer new operating
systems with backwards compatible hardware drivers. I just shouldn't
think it's that high on their list of things to fix and they don't
want to raise people's hopes.

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