[NTLK] Wavelan Setup Problems

From: Bernie A. Goltermann (bagoltermann_at_ksaits.com)
Date: Wed Jun 12 2002 - 17:44:01 EDT

Darius wrote:

>After defining the password, make sure to press the top Lock-symbol (Password) and write this value as a hexadeimal-code into the corresponding field (WEP-key) of your WaveLan-Setup on your Newton (all chars in UPPERCASE).
>Key-code: ******** (as generated by your AirPort Basestation)

OK I'm still having problems with all this configuation. By Key code do
you mean the code you get from the Airpot Admin Utility menu selection
'Base Station' and 'Equivalent Network Password' I'm running Airport
2.0.2 on an older Base Station.

>After I entered my AirPort network name and
>>re-opened the setup, I noticed that the Wep key had the same value as the
I still see the same problem as Laurent above.

>I discovered that I can successfully change the SSID/WEP Keys to differing
>values if I make the change through the Worksite's "802.11b WaveLAN setup".
I'm using the WorkSite slip but it makes no difference. Ahrrrggg!!!


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