Re: [NTLK] WaveLAN Driver 1.0

From: John Ruschmeyer (
Date: Thu Jun 13 2002 - 13:01:12 EDT

Jesse Garnier wrote:
> Jeffrey M. Swiger wrote not long ago (6/13/02 12:19 PM):
>>I got the BRONZE card at the Dayton Hamvention.. I'd like to get at
>>least one more myself.. If you find it can you be sure to post the
>>site?... Many thanks!!!
>>The Cost at the swap was $30.00 for the Bronze WaveLAN.....Jeff
> Jeffrey, yours might be the first report I've heard of a Bronze card working
> with the driver. Could you post your part number? I've seen Bronze cards
> that are cheaper than Silver, and it might be a good alternative for people
> looking for cards.

I haven't upgraded to 1.0 yet, but I did have a Bronze working with
alpha 2 (or was it 3). Does that count? :-)

FYI, that is why I personally think that the compatibility issues were
more firmware revision rather than card.

One thing about Bronzes as alternatives to Silvers and Golds... Bronzes
are limited to 5mb (8mb in the Turbo version) and do not support any
form of WEP. The first is not an issue unless you have a peer-to-peer
network (all drop to highest common speed) or a speed-locked one, but
the second may limit use on some corporate nets. (Anybody know how an AP
with WEP enabled is supposed to handle a card with no WEP?)


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