Re: [NTLK] Upgrading a 2K to a 2100

From: Peter Cameron (
Date: Thu Jun 13 2002 - 12:55:22 EDT

on 6/13/02 10:49 AM, Lee, Christopher J at
> While I AM loving my GEM-purchased Newton, and I HAVE purchased NUShields, I
> would like to have a better screen. What I am pondering would be buying a 2k
> with a good screen off e-Bay (which seem to be going for much less than
> 2100s) and swap screens. How hard would this be, do ya think?

    Why not get one of the MP2000 that has been upgraded to a 2100? The
backlight on my MP2100 was getting dim so I bought one of the GEM uMP2100
units which were selling for less than a real MP2100. Other than the
cosmetics the machines are the same. I'm using the uMP2100 now and keeping
the MP2100 as a backup. And it didn't involve any disassembly (other than to
remove my SER-001 from the 2100 and install it in the 2000).


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