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> Would one of you Yanks like to explain the rules of American Football
> or Baseball in a short paragraph?
> To bring it back on topic I have put a Newton book of the remaining
> World Cup table at
> don't forget you can annotate the book as teams get knocked out.
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OK, The team with the ball, or 'offense' attempts, in 4 'downs' (plays)
or less, to either: a) gain 10 yards and therefore another '1st down'
and 4 more downs, or b) to score against the opponent by getting the
ball (in the possession of one of thier players) into the 'endzone' or
kicking it through the goal post.

The 'defense' attempts to gain possession of the ball by: a) stopping
the offense from gaining the aforementioned 10 yards in the requisite 4
downs, b) intercepting a pass (ball thrown between 2 offensive players),
or best of all c) tackling the ball carrier in such a way that he can no
longer hold onto the ball and fumbles it

Of course there are many, many varieties of 'plays', all of which are
planned and arranged and constrained by time and location on the field.
Imagine Rugby, but every time the ball carrier is brought to the ground,
play stops and the ball is placed on the ground at that spot only to be
picked up again by the team that possessed the ball at the time of the
tackle, then the teams gathers together to secretly decide just what
they'll try next, then play begins again when both teams are facing each
other and the ball is tossed from one player to another on the team with

Perhaps you should check out:

Honestly, it is like Rugby for the retentive and Obsessive Compulsive.
Far too many rules, far too many stoppages of play, far too expensive to
actually go see a game... I recall seeing a Rugby World Cup match
between Fiji and Tonga in 1987 (yikes, am I that old...) in
Christchurch, NZ and I only paid $2 for a 'standing room' seat.

Nonetheless, I have always been and will continue to be a Chicago Bears
fan, and for some reason I always love football season. Go figure...

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