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Date: Thu Jun 13 2002 - 13:35:51 EDT

> > Would one of you Yanks like to explain the rules of American Football
> > or Baseball in a short paragraph?

>OK, The team with the ball, or 'offense' attempts, in 4 'downs'...

thanks - I learned a lot even though it was 3 medium length paras not
one short one! I hadn't understood that teams keep possession even
when they fall over with the ball, and that you have to make at least
10 yards progress. I will watch it with greater curiosity next time I
get the chance.

In similar detail, football is a game where two teams of 11 players
attempt to get a round ball into their opponents' goal without using
their arms.

Perhaps the simplicity of the game is why it is so popular amongst
the unsophisticated hordes (of which I am a member) who dwell
dejectedly beyond the golden shores of the greatest nation on earth.

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