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Date: Thu Jun 13 2002 - 13:43:24 EDT

That's a hard one, It's been 20 or so years.

Let's see, ... you have two folks at bat standing next to the wickets at
either end of the crease. the bowler throws a very hard ball as hard as he
can trying to ruin your shins or your wicket, or both. you score runs by
trading places with the other batter before a fielder can whollop you or
your wicket or you are caught out. You automatically get 4 runs if your ball
rolls off of the playing field and 6 if it flies out. The fielders have the
fun job of dodging (er.. catching) the very hard ball with their bare hands.
Somewhere in all this quantities of tea (or beer) are drunk. Mostly I just
did what my teammates said.

I may be wrong on some of this. I'll allow any experts out there to clarify.


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Oay in the name of Jehosephat do you actually PLAY Cricket? What
are the rules?

It left me scratching my head...

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