[NTLK] For Sale: MP 110/120/130 Rechargeable Battery & Charging Base

From: Chris Browder (ntlk_list_at_mac.com)
Date: Thu Jun 13 2002 - 15:11:06 EDT

This battery is used, but holds a good charge... I've charged it I think twice in my MP110 and it works fine. I'm selling it because I'm parting with the 110 soon in favor of a 2000 upgraded. I have the battery, base, and power cable.... but cannot find the nicer stylus you can write with. Asking $20 including shipping to US residents (other countries it'll be a bit more)...... also,if anyone wants a MP110 that's in decent condition and has no battery door, it's $15 shipped as well.

*PLEASE* email iBugv4_at_mac.com with inquiries on this, it is mymore frequently checked email address..... but I will respond in one form or another....

Memphis residents will be spared shipping charges, as I will drive the item to your door (or surrounding area...)

Take care!


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