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>Why wouldn't it work? Some would say that it was the US continually pumping
>money into the Middle East and meddling in the holy war between Isreal and
>the Arab world that led to 9-11 and its aftermath

Others would say there wasn't enough meddling. That being said, there are many people (out of 6 billion or so) that just don't like the U.S.: what we stand for, our prosperity, our arrogance or just because they're angry people and picking on the giant is often a popular stance to appeal to an oppressed population.

You're right, if we'd pull out of the Mid East, let Iraq have invaded Kuwait, not put air bases to protect Saudi Arabia and not let one good old greenback be exchanged for oil, all would be better - after all, you can't eat sand and drink oil.

9/11 was part of dreadful wakeup call for us to reassess who our real friends are, and who are just friends of convenience.

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