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From: Laurent Daudelin (
Date: Thu Jun 13 2002 - 16:42:58 EDT

On 13/06/02 16:17, "Eric L. Strobel" <> wrote:

> on 6/13/02 3:21 PM, Laurent Daudelin at
> wrote:
>> On 13/06/02 14:38, "Konstantinos Xonis"
>> <> wrote:
>>> I couldn't get to it either.
>> Thanks to all that did respond! That confirms to me that something is wrong
>> somewhere, but not here, at the office.
>> Now, what could be wrong? I've read a message from Eric Strobel saying he
>> wouldn't be surprised that Cox is somehow "blocking" those packets. If it
>> was so, how could they do that? I've got some real nice traceroute listings,
>> but I'm not sure how to read them. Is there anything on these traceroute
>> listings that would tell me that the packet is somehow "blocked"? I know
>> that the traceroute seems to go through a few servers at Cox, but other than
>> that, I don't know.
>> If that was the case, why was I able to access my machine on Tuesday?
>> -Laurent.
> My guess (just a guess, nothing but a guess, so help me God): the Cox
> firewall 'knows' that dyndns is a popular means of folks running servers
> from inside their system and watches specifically for this (and other types
> of traffic) to try and squash the most people with the least effort.
> (BTW, just to make sure I'm clear, I assume your server is your home machine
> and that you're trying to access from the office, which is not accessing via
> Cox.)

So, then shouldn't using the IP address, like, would be able
to get through? I'm not trying to be stubborn here, just to understand
better what's going on ;-)

I'm at the office, but my home computer is connected to the Internet through
the (good?) service of Cox...


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