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From: Joost van de Griek (
Date: Thu Jun 13 2002 - 17:49:14 EDT

On 2002-06-13 00:09, "Ed Kummel" <> wrote:

> Americans like the commercials. You need to stop the action every once in a
> while to let your audience get more beer or visit the bathroom!

We just pick someone (wife/significant other) to do that for us. Or we watch
in a pub, where you can just shout to the barman so he can line up some more

> Like was indicated earlier, an hour football game, or baseball game could last
> several hours! Hockey and Soccer are time limited. After 1 hour, that's that!
> There's no real time for commercials and like I've seen on American TV, when
> they attempt to place a commercial in a supposed "lull", you end up missing a
> goal or something@!

Ah, yes. There's is a law in football... Your team will always score when
you are off to the loo.

I know people who will go for a pee on purpose when their team is behind,
because they know they will score while they're not watching.

> Besides, American TV is paid for by Ad revenue...without it, there's no
> programming. And if you can't get commercials on a soccer game, why sponsor
> it?

Have the teams sponsored, putting big logos on their shirts they are on the
TV the whole time. And lots of advertisements around the fields.


Joost van de Griek

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