Re: [NTLK] [Slightly OT] Apple Laptops

From: Michael Mays (
Date: Thu Jun 13 2002 - 18:00:48 EDT

Actually, I was never all that fond of the G4 Powerbook's lines. And I=
 heard from a friend that the keys have a tendency to scratch up the=
 screen. Not to mention, it's a bit unwieldy.

I ended up getting a 700MHz G3 iBook with 12" screen, perfect for slipping=
 into my backpack, nice and lightweight with awesome battery life on=
 Tuesday. Thanks to all those who offered information, it was all very=
 helpful in making my choice. I have to say this about the Apple Store I=
 went to... very neo-modern-artsy looking. Cool place. :) And the=
 salesperson didn't give me any weird looks when I told him I wanted to=
 connect to my Apple Newton as one of my intended uses for the thing.

Michael Mays

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On 6/13/2002 at 7:56 AM Stephen Jendraszak wrote:

>On Thursday, June 13, 2002, at 01:49 AM, Robert Benschop wrote:
>> With a TiBook you're much better off with an WaveLan card that has the
>> antenna outside, which is of course the same card as you can use for
>> your
>> Newton !
>Ah, but this ruins the clean lines of the TiBook!
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