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From: Joost van de Griek (
Date: Thu Jun 13 2002 - 17:42:11 EDT

On 2002-06-12 22:18, "Stephen Jendraszak" <> wrote:

> Just to be clear- I'm not saying that I don't like soccer (I can be honest-
> I've never really given it chance.) I was just speculating about why
> international sports like soccer and hockey don't do real well in the US. I
> think Americans savor the SITUATION, and the STRATEGY of sport. The
> aforementioned bottom of the 9th, the 4th and goal with 15 yds. left and 30
> seconds on the clock, etc. In hockey and soccer, it is precisely BECAUSE they
> are so fast paced that you don't have time to revel in the brilliant strategy,
> or to sweat it out, hoping your team can win the game in the last play. People
> can score in soccer or hockey, and you don't even see it coming! It happens in
> a split second.

You don't see the strategy and the buildup to a goal because you don't
know/understand the game.


Joost van de Griek

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