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From: Gwen (
Date: Fri Jun 14 2002 - 03:08:49 EDT

Olivier chanet said at =D2[NTLK] [newtontalk] GEMEnterprises=D3.
[14/06/2002Ven 08:26]

> So, guys, be very carefull with these guys.
> I am contacting them today, and I will keep you informed.

Me too, I have a bad experience with GEM 2 weeks ago. I have buy an serial
cable for my 130 and they send me a cable for a 2100 (With incorporated
dongle). For me it's better because it's higher, but if I wanted to receive
the cable that I asked, they need me to return the Dongle cable (From
France to USA) and pay for that. I said no, but, I wanted to keep this
cable and receive a new one. I wanted to pay for all the cables, but they
wanted to charge me all the price for he Dongle cable AND shipping. I was
thinking that the dont ask me to pay for the shipping of the new cable
because it's an error.

So, now, I have a serial cable with incorporated dongle but no cable for my
130 device, it's my eMate who is happy. :-)

Gem is not really serrious I thing, bad communication and very slow
reactions :-(

Gwen. (Sorry for my bad english... I am french and it's the morning)

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