[NTLK] [newtontalk] GEMEnterprises

From: Olivier chanet (olivierchanet_at_hotmail.com)
Date: Fri Jun 14 2002 - 02:26:07 EDT

Just a mail to warn you about GEMEnterprises.
I just got a bad experience with them this week: I ordered an upgraded
MP2000 and accepted to pay an additional 50$ fee to get one in very good
I received yesterday a unit with wear on the body, glue on it, and a scratch
on the screen :-(

In addition, I was asked a 20$ fee for the original stylus, and in the box I
received, they put an ad on which it was written that the original stylus is
included in the $99 package !

So, guys, be very carefull with these guys.
I am contacting them today, and I will keep you informed.


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