Re: [NTLK] Touchscreen misalignment/Dr.Newton was:

From: Bernie A. Goltermann (
Date: Fri Jun 14 2002 - 04:10:51 EDT

Thanks for the info and please let us know what if anything Dr. Newton
finds out.


Gary Moody wrote:

>I just got an email from Dr. Newton (AKA Dave Watson, "Digital Ocean" Dave,
>DOD) about the misaligned touchscreens. He suggested a brain wipe (already
>done multiple times) and related the following:
>"I'd also be willing to open up the MP2100 and clean the touchscreen face /
>bezel surfaces but I can't assure you it will help the situation. It may
>just be a touchscreen that's went bad. It might also be "crud". I remember
>reading comments on NewtonTalk in the past that claimed corrupted "soups"
>could cause things like "jaggies" as they say ( not sure I would believe
>this unless I saw it with my own unit ). As a quick test of that as a
>possible cause of your misalignment problem, back up the unit and do a
>complete "brain wipe". Then after restart, see how it aligns and behaves
>(without installing any software of course ).
>Regarding touchscreen problems........
>My own MP2100 that I've carried for 4 years developed "jaggies" a year or so
>ago. What I found was that even the slightest pressure at and just above the
>lid latch caused it ! There was no crud. I cleaned everything very
>carefully. It was as if over time, the bezel edge at that site ( about 2" )
>had warped inward but you couldn't really see it. I sliced off the end of a
>standard paper business card and positioned it exactly in that area between
>the bezel and the touchscreen. Voila ! That fixed it ! The paper spacer
>apparently kept the surfaces from touching or better distributed any
>pressure that was there. Note: When you use the MP2x00 in "portrait" mode
>( holding it in your right hand ) your right thumb tends to rest / push on
>that same area. Perhaps that caused the problem in my case.
>I wouldn't charge anything to disassemble the 2100 and clean up the
>surfaces. Just understand that I might not be able to help it at all."
>So, there you go. I'm sending a couiple of mint MP2Ks for upgrade ($75
>USD/ea + flat $20 USD shipping), and I'll probably send this 2100 as well
>for his professional opinion. More as develops...

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