[NTLK] Touchscreen misalignment/Dr.Newton was:

From: Gary Moody (gmoody_at_gmx.net)
Date: Thu Jun 13 2002 - 10:40:31 EDT

I just got an email from Dr. Newton (AKA Dave Watson, "Digital Ocean" Dave,
DOD) about the misaligned touchscreens. He suggested a brain wipe (already
done multiple times) and related the following:

"I'd also be willing to open up the MP2100 and clean the touchscreen face /
bezel surfaces but I can't assure you it will help the situation. It may
just be a touchscreen that's went bad. It might also be "crud". I remember
reading comments on NewtonTalk in the past that claimed corrupted "soups"
could cause things like "jaggies" as they say ( not sure I would believe
this unless I saw it with my own unit ). As a quick test of that as a
possible cause of your misalignment problem, back up the unit and do a
complete "brain wipe". Then after restart, see how it aligns and behaves
(without installing any software of course ).
Regarding touchscreen problems........
My own MP2100 that I've carried for 4 years developed "jaggies" a year or so
ago. What I found was that even the slightest pressure at and just above the
lid latch caused it ! There was no crud. I cleaned everything very
carefully. It was as if over time, the bezel edge at that site ( about 2" )
had warped inward but you couldn't really see it. I sliced off the end of a
standard paper business card and positioned it exactly in that area between
the bezel and the touchscreen. Voila ! That fixed it ! The paper spacer
apparently kept the surfaces from touching or better distributed any
pressure that was there. Note: When you use the MP2x00 in "portrait" mode
( holding it in your right hand ) your right thumb tends to rest / push on
that same area. Perhaps that caused the problem in my case.

I wouldn't charge anything to disassemble the 2100 and clean up the
surfaces. Just understand that I might not be able to help it at all."

So, there you go. I'm sending a couiple of mint MP2Ks for upgrade ($75
USD/ea + flat $20 USD shipping), and I'll probably send this 2100 as well
for his professional opinion. More as develops...



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I wrote:
OK, that's three of us with Mike's Newts who have problems with alignment.

I've got mine apart (for $70 wanted to play) and can't really see how this
could happen, except in the software? Anyone know how the alignment routine
does its thing? Does anyone know if the alignment is even tweakable in

Bernie replied:
I don't think its a software problem as I did a complete swap of logic
boards between Newt's and the problem stayed with the original unit that
had it in the first place. I tend to think there's some hardware issue
here. It's interesting that the problem seems to be consistent in the
same part of the screen. Could it be that the software they used on
these Newts caused this problem through consistent use?

Another explanation could be that these Newts were found in a closet after
the others had been sold because they'd been dumped there because of this
problem. I could try the touch screen in my other Newt, but reluctant to
tamper with that one a) because it's working well and I don't want to mess
with it, and b) I use it all the time.

I notice four test touchpads near where the touchscreen cable meets
motherboard, I suspect they are to test input from the touchscreen. Anyone?
  I'd stick my voltmeter on 'em, but the Newts in so many pieces right now,
.. I really liked that "photocopy the motherboard and stick the screws to
it" idea, how come you didn't tell me that a week ago...


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