Re: [NTLK] Touchscreen misalignment/Dr.Newton was:

From: Bernie A. Goltermann (
Date: Fri Jun 14 2002 - 05:05:38 EDT

I did the rotation as you suggested and was surprised. When I rotated
the screen so that the bottom of the screen faced the PC Card slots the
alignment problem manifested itself on the lower right hand corner (near
the battery latch.) I tried rotating again 180 degrees and couldn't get
it to align. It just keeps repeating the alignment routine after I
select the last cross. I had to reset to get out of it. It came back
with the bottom of the screen once again near PC Card slots. I selected
sketch mode and drew a series of horizontal lines across the screen
starting from above the 'i' (near the battery latch.) I tried to stay
on top of the dotted lines of the note and continued up the page. What
happen is that a pattern appeared where no line was drawn. It's an arc
that extends out from about where the Apple logo is out toward the
middle of the screen and ends at the 'i' (near battery latch.) The arc
has a radius of about 1/2 inch. When you put your pen down on the
screen over the 'i' the starting point of the line is about 1/4 inch
away from where you touch the screen. Progressing up the screen to the
next dotted line of the note the starting point goes further out maybe
3/8,then 1/2, then 3/8, and then back to 1/4 near the Apple logo.

Maybe the problem is the lower right hand side between the Apple logo
and battery latch? I still think it's hardware related since I did that
logic board swap and the problem stayed with the unit it first appeared on.


John Charlton wrote:

>Here's a simple test to see where the problem might be: rotate your screen.
> I did it with mine (the one in many pieces on my desk) and to my surprise
>the misalignment didn't occur at the physical bottom (Apple logo) of the
>Newton, but at the screen bottom. Rotating the screen the other way caused
>the lines to draw _above_ where the pen was. Seems like it's a software
>deal with the alignment routine. Curious.
>Now, I do have to admit that I was holding the whole thing sort of together
>in my palm, and the LCD and touchscreen were a little loose relative to
>each other, but the offset is still significant nonetheless. Next I'll have
>to try repositioning the LCD after the alignment routine. What fun!
>Give it a try (the rotating the screen part, not the disemboweling your
>Newt part).
>jc, who's got a few loose and/or missing screws.

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