Re: [NTLK] Exotic Hardware Request

From: Mietek (
Date: Sat Jun 15 2002 - 18:28:54 EDT


>>2. A SCSI cable for a PowerBook 5300.
>> Apple part number "M2538LL/A SCSI System Cable for PowerBook" - I
>>checked the local friendly Apple dealer and they don't seem to have them
>>anymore... Maybe someone has one lying around unused?
>I would recommend a little converter not made by apple (powerbook
>scsi to 25 pin scsi). The one I have has a switch that allows you to
>switch between normal scsi mode and powerbook as external scsi disk
>mode. That way one cable fulfills both tasks at the flick of a switch.

    Thanks for the info - where could I find such a converter?

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