[NTLK] Exotic Hardware Request

From: Mietek (mietek_at_icpnet.pl)
Date: Fri Jun 14 2002 - 18:32:15 EDT

    Dear NewtonTalkers,
    I'm looking for two little bits of hard-to-find hardware -

1. An European power plug adapter for the Newton 2x00 power cube.
    Come on, you Americans must have tons of those, lying around unused,
lonely, sad, never to touch a live wire, to taste electricity... I'll
care for it, honestly. :)

2. A SCSI cable for a PowerBook 5300.
    Apple part number "M2538LL/A SCSI System Cable for PowerBook" - I
checked the local friendly Apple dealer and they don't seem to have them
anymore... Maybe someone has one lying around unused?

    Thanks a lot,

--  Mietek Bak
--  <mietek_at_icpnet.pl>

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