Re: [NTLK] [OT] HP LaserJet 5MP Problems

From: Mark Ross (
Date: Sat Jun 15 2002 - 21:22:58 EDT

>Hi all,
>finally, I have a printer again, with which I can print to, from my
>Newton. The printer, however has 2 problems:
>1. It's not picking up paper from the bottom tray.
>2. It prints smudges 3 - 4 times on each page.
>I probably have to get a rubber band replacement for the paper picker
>upper or something. But I can live with paper going in through the front
>(50 or so pages) tray.
>The smudges are not from the tuner cartridge - I have another cartridge,
>and they look exactly the same. I guess, they are on the drum. Is that
>something which is easily fixed (Easy = below $50) or am I looking at
>some major expenses?
>Otherwise, this printer looks like it's in good shape - not bad for
>something I saw standing next to our trash compactor this morning - and
>my 'old computer collection instinct' just couldn't resist ...
>Best regards,


Most laser printers (5MP included) use cartriges that replace both the
toner and associated hardware (light sensitive imaging element and
various toner pickupa and transfer rollers) so that a cartrige
replacement will fix the imaging problem. The paper feed is another
matter. Many times, especially with HP printers, the rubber rollers will
become hardened or dented in one position and not function properly.
These can be replaced, but with an old printer, it may be difficult to
find parts.

Mark Ross

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