[NTLK] First -10061 error

From: Keith and Sharon Isley (isley_at_iowatelecom.net)
Date: Sun Jun 16 2002 - 00:24:26 EDT

I was using NetHopper tonight and got my first -10061 error with my 2000U. I
have read the FAQ regarding how to prevent this error, but I see no
information telling what I should do when it happens - or whether something
nasty results the first, 10th, or 40th time it happens. I just see it
described as a "nasty bug."

Three questions:

1) What problems, exactly, does this bug cause - and do I need to be worried
after a single occurrence?

2) I was using Avi's Backdrop at the time, which is supposed to have a
-10061 fix built in. However, I still got one. Do I need to find something
else to keep these away?

3) I soft-rebooted shortly after the error because NetHopper would no longer
work. Nethopper began working after the reboot. Was this the right thing to

Thanks in advance for your help.


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