Re: [NTLK] First -10061 error

From: Jim Witte (
Date: Sun Jun 16 2002 - 01:14:33 EDT

> got my first -10061 error with my 2000U

   Hooray! Welcome to the club!! (tee-shirt idea: "Newton lives on:
-10061 or bust!"

> 1) What problems, exactly, does this bug cause - and do I need to be
> worried
> after a single occurrence?

   The simple explanation is that the NewtonOS forgets that it has access
to part of a package, and is complaining that it can't access it. The
long answer is look at the read me for Avi's fix I belive, or search for
it on PDA-Dash, where an ex-newton-OS engineer discussed it at length,
or ask Paul Guyot (he might tell you ;-)

> 2) I was using Avi's Backdrop at the time, which is supposed to have a
> -10061 fix built in. However, I still got one. Do I need to find
> something
> else to keep these away?

   Avi's backdrop doesn't fix it automatically. When you get it, hit
the " '61 " button and wait for the 'ping' sound. This will 'recache'
the package soup, which basically forces the OS to find all the pieces
of all the packages again. This can take from a couple seconds to a
couple minutes (?) depending on how many packages you have installed.
Sometimes, however, the piece of code that the NewtonOS 'loses' will be
in the '61 fix code inself, in which the only thing to do is reset the
machine (however is you have multiple 'fixers' installed it would
probably reduce the occurrance of this particular circumstance, or maybe
eliminate it entirely). I don't know if the general wisdom is that
using more fixes is better or not - I only use Avi's for now (actually,
right now I don't use any, because my "upgraded 2000" turned out not to
be upgraded after all!)

   Richard Li apparently produced a package that patched the code that
displays the error dialog, which would execute the fix code
automatically without any use intervention. However I don't know if
that code is around anywhere.

> 3) I soft-rebooted shortly after the error because NetHopper would no
> longer
> work. Nethopper began working after the reboot. Was this the right
> thing to
> do?

   See above.


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