Re: [NTLK] First -10061 error

From: Jon Glass (
Date: Sun Jun 16 2002 - 03:10:17 EDT

on 6/16/02 7:14 AM, Jim Witte at wrote:

> Sometimes, however, the piece of code that the NewtonOS 'loses' will be
> in the '61 fix code inself, in which the only thing to do is reset the
> machine (however is you have multiple 'fixers' installed it would
> probably reduce the occurrance of this particular circumstance, or maybe
> eliminate it entirely). I don't know if the general wisdom is that
> using more fixes is better or not - I only use Avi's for now (actually,
> right now I don't use any, because my "upgraded 2000" turned out not to
> be upgraded after all!)

I have two or three installed, and yesterday, I got the error, and tried
Avi's. It gave me the error, so I tried to open Extras to open Heaven or
Hell, and got the error trying to open Extras! I ended up doing the reset.
This is the first time I've gotten it that bad. :-)

As someone else mentioned, it's most likely that all those cheapo Newtons
that have the Reset app, had the app written just because of this error. I
bet it was on the button bar. :-)

-Jon Glass
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