[NTLK] Printing to LaserJet 1200?

From: Keith and Sharon Isley (isley_at_iowatelecom.net)
Date: Sun Jun 16 2002 - 17:54:52 EDT

First of all, thanks to everyone who helped me on the '61 error. I really
appreciate being able to touch base with knowledgeable people like you.

I do have another scenario, and any feedback would be appreciated.

I have discovered that I can connect to NBU on my G4 using an Ethernet cable
between the Newt and my G4. (The G4 has an autosensing port, so i don't even
need a crossover cable. Cool. :) ) So, essentially, I do know that I can
talk to the G4 directly via Ethernet.

Also connected to my G4 (via USB) is a HP LaserJet 1200, which has
PostScript support built in. The LaserJet uses the standard LaserWriter 8
drivers built into OS 9.

So, here's the question: is there any way of printing from my Newton
directly to the HP 1200, using this direct Ethernet connection? I've tried
USB Printer Sharing. No go. I've also tried the old LocalTalk Bridge and
LaserWriter Bridge control panels. Also no go.

Or here's another thought: if I were to get an Ethernet hub and enable USB
Printer Sharing on the G4, would I be able to "see" the HP 1200 by plugging
the Newt into the hub as well?

Any thoughts would be appreciated.


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