Re: [NTLK] Printing to LaserJet 1200?

From: Johannes Spielhagen (
Date: Mon Jun 17 2002 - 04:28:15 EDT

> I have discovered that I can connect to NBU on my G4 using an Ethernet cable
> between the Newt and my G4. (The G4 has an autosensing port, so i don't even
> need a crossover cable. Cool. :) ) So, essentially, I do know that I can
> talk to the G4 directly via Ethernet.

I suggest that you use not the NBU but the NCU (have a look at The capabilities of NCU are a lot better.
> Also connected to my G4 (via USB) is a HP LaserJet 1200, which has
> PostScript support built in. The LaserJet uses the standard LaserWriter 8
> drivers built into OS 9.
> So, here's the question: is there any way of printing from my Newton
> directly to the HP 1200, using this direct Ethernet connection? I've tried
> USB Printer Sharing. No go. I've also tried the old LocalTalk Bridge and
> LaserWriter Bridge control panels. Also no go.

You can directly print over Ethernet connection. You simply need a suitable
driver and that's in Newton Printpack 2.0. After installing it you have in
the Print-slip the option to select network printing. You can't use USB
Printer Sharing. I found the idea very interesting and tried it, but it
doesn't work.
> Or here's another thought: if I were to get an Ethernet hub and enable USB
> Printer Sharing on the G4, would I be able to "see" the HP 1200 by plugging
> the Newt into the hub as well?

As I mentioned before you can't use USB Printer Sharing. But with the
PrintPack you actually will "see" the light, I mean the printer.
AFAIK this works with nearly all laserprinters with ethernet and this is how
I print in the office. Also the printing looks much better (postscript) than
printing over the parallel or serial port.


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