Re: [NTLK] NIMH AA battery level

From: Jesse Garnier (
Date: Mon Jun 17 2002 - 11:39:04 EDT

Thanks Johannes, but Robert Benschop gave me the name of Nick's SoftCharge,
which works well. The program loads into your Prefs app and lets you select
what type of battery you're using: Alkaline, NIMH, NiCD, or LiIon. It then
calibrates the Extras battery display properly on my 2x00.


Johannes Wolf wrote not long ago (6/17/02 3:20 AM):

> The first question is which Newt model you use.
> Second the Newt needs to "know" that there are rechargeables in.
> The MP 120 can determine that by means of a little switch in the battery
> compartment, for the MP2x00 you need to modify the battery tray in order to
> get the rechargeables recognized.
> If the rechargeables are recognized, the standard display of the charge
> level is not too bad, but you need some experience to interprete it right.
> There are packages for the MP2x00 series logging the "ON" time of your Newt
> taking into account if the backlight is on or off. This would give you the
> best indication how long your Newt will run on a particular battery.

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