Re: [NTLK] OT: PowerMac 6100 parts needed

From: Mark Ross (
Date: Mon Jun 17 2002 - 20:15:41 EDT

And I thought this only happened to me! I had a fully stuffed 6100 (G3
card, Video card) and the heat probably killed my machine as well.

>Of course you are right, but I used my PPC6100 wit G3 Crescendo upgrade
>until it died because of the overheated high performance video card.
>And I have to admit - it might be a bit nostalgy, but I was sorry for
>loosing it.
>The performance was still not too bad to say - I dont use it anymore.
>You can use it for typing, syncing your Newt, surfing the Internet, Email,
>listening to MP3 Music.
>If this is all you need - there is no point to have a maximum equipped high
>end machine! And the PPC 6100 has a very nice form factor as well...
>> The first PPC Mac 6100 was introduced in early 1994. That means after ten
>> years after buying your first Mac, you've upgraded from a circa
>> 1992 Mac to
>> a 1994 model Mac. A two year upgrade that's eight years behind
>> present Apple
>> Mac technology. At this rate, ten years from now you'll be upgrading to a
>> PPC Mac 7200 that sells today for about $20.00 or less! The last Mac I
>> bought (used), is my heavily upgraded g3 PPC Mac 7500, Gosh,
>> and I thought
>> I was cheap! ;-)
>> Ron

Mark Ross

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