Re: [NTLK] OT: PowerMac 6100 parts needed

From: Johannes Wolf (
Date: Tue Jun 18 2002 - 02:53:48 EDT

I was told that the Apple A/V card would be fine, but I had the HPV card
which is probably bigger and was mounted face down towards the old
For the video card you then have three heat sources: the G3 as the biggest
one, the old processor, whih still has to perform routing tasks if the G3 is
installed and last but not least the video card itself which was getting
pretty hot in my case. In addition on the front side you have the SCSI cable
to the HDD. All these are mounted very narrow together so that for the air
is not much space to circulate.
I was already planning to insert a fan to have some active cooling, but
unfortunately it was too late. As I found out later the HPV card went to the
blink first and due to that failure the Bus to the Mac was damaged.
The Crescendo G3 which only routes the bus to the PDS slot on it survived.
And trying to find out what is still working the bloody HPV card damaged
another PPC6100 ;-((


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> And I thought this only happened to me! I had a fully stuffed 6100 (G3
> card, Video card) and the heat probably killed my machine as well.

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