Re: [NTLK] Newton Sighting/Sale at WAP Show

From: Lou Forlini (
Date: Mon Jun 17 2002 - 21:16:05 EDT

At 12:16 PM -0400 6/17/02, David Abramowitz wrote:
>So there I was expecting just to find Mac stuff, and there's this vendor
>selling a stock 2000 w/keyboard and case, modem card, and the rest, for $20!
>So I tried to turn it on, and it wouldn't, so I walked away. Then another
>guy comes by and buys it - turns out it was charging, and didn't have the
>battery pack, so I figured it was dead. Sucks for me - I would have liked
>to have a backup...oh, well.
>On the bright side, I did get to meet Sean Luke, who stopped by to say
>hello, and demo a host of Waba stuff to me that was very cool, as was he.
>Another lurking list member, Lou, was also at the vendor table next to me.
>You never know what you'll find...but "you snooze, you lose" definitely rang

    What Dave's not telling you is that it was my brother who had the
next table over who ended up getting the 2100 for $30. So we spent
most of the morning wiping up all of Dave's crocodile tears :) JUST
KIDDING! Anyway, I'm still trying to figure our how that
"non-working" Newton went from $20 to $30 after Dave looked at it.
Even at $30 it was a crazy deal, like Dave said there was a real
Newton case, keyboard, modem card, an extra stylus, and a bunch of
software and manuals. It'll probably be up on eBay at some point
since my brother is a known Palm defector.

    It looks like I missed meeting Sean by about 20 seconds, drat.
That's what I get for taking a break to wander the room.


    - Lou Forlini
      Software Engineer
      System Support Products, Inc.

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