Re: [NTLK] Memories of eMate

Date: Tue Jun 18 2002 - 09:29:33 EDT

>>On 6/18/02 @ 1:44 PM, Grant [Ipswitch] Hutchinson wrote:
>>If I was limited to that size of screen, I'd take my
>>20 year old Radio Shack Model 100 instead. Anytime.
>That was a nice device!
>Way ahead of it's time and very useful.

In fact, I've read it *still* has a dedicated following among field
reporters who
appreciate the ruggedness and "instant-on" capabilities.

But before falling lockstep into dismissal of anything that isn't the
eMate; let's keep
in mind that this new device is designed to meet the same (perceived)
needs of the
educational market that the eMate was designed for. (Not every school really
needs or can even afford a fleet of iBooks.) For this use, it may be perfectly
adequate. (I think the only notable omission is a closeable lid, or
something else to
protect the screen.)


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