Re: [NTLK] Wanted: MP 2100 at a good price....

From: Tom Zahm (
Date: Tue Jun 18 2002 - 11:28:07 EDT

>I'm looking for a Message Pad 2100 for a good price.

I've got a three MP2000Us (factory upgraded MP2000s that are only
cosmetically different than the MP2100) that I need to sell. I bought
them when prices took a dip (boy, do I get carried away sometimes -- did
I want to build a MessagePad harem?) and have outfitted them with new
dongle, new cable(s), ethernet card and new dongle, fresh NuShield
screen protector, and new Calise leather case (about the size of a
DayTimer). I also checked the battery back and replaced it, if needed.
They came with a fairly large storage card (either 32MB or 20MB) and a
33.6 xjack modem.

One has a few light scratches which are essentially invisible with the
screen protector and don't affect performance. If the other two have
scratches, I can't see them. Cosmetically, the cases are in great
shape, tho one has a door retaining clip missing on the back. (Not an
issue in the Calise leather case.)

Price: negotiable, depending upon configuration and shipping.
Certainly no more than $250 delivered in US via USPS.

BTW, I have a gazillion 3Com ethernet cards (gently used), mated with
new 3Com dongles still for sale. All fully tested in my Newt. Price:
(until postage goes up) $16.50 delivered via 1st Class Mail, or $18.50
via Priority Mail. Overseas is generally 20 USD, depending upon country
and postage rates.

Contact me off-list at:

Yours in Newtondom,

Tom Zahm

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